Bloodhound (ft. N. Hollow) [Explicit]

by MrMehster

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1st Verse:

Walked around and pushed this day dreaming hooligan
I’m starting to think, these people need neutering
It’s such a shame that our high class society
bring the lowest common denominator far as I can see
Born with a gold spoon on my sweet tooth
cannibal attitude, I might just eat you
Praise Celestia for making me a rich man
while these other poor ponies finna kick cans
take a sick stand on our nation’s economy
and it’s looking like it’s needing a lobotomy
don’t do business with me, if you’re new blood
you’ll die a true scum, your family laughs when the news comes
They’ll say, “Oh thank Starswirl, the kid’s dead
he would’ve died sooner if we let him just drink lead
but no the rich pony lifted us the burden
of killing the boy by placing him in a furnace”
no wife, no kids but it ain’t mayday
money can’t buy happiness they say
think like this and tears will flow like tsunamis
cry my eyes out in my brand new bugatti
What’s the point if there’s no one to share it with?
Well that’s the game that’s my whole life’s narrative
Now, take my whole life’s riches and compare it with
a terrorist’s damage and you’ll see that he’ll barely miss
I don’t need a Luna story, do without one
I just wanna brutal, gorey stupid outcome
sometimes you gotta sacrifice emotion
to make sure that you only make all your goals end
so in short, it don’t matter if I die alone
my whole legacy will still be carefully inscribed in stone
just remember that in life you have one round
dog eat dog world and I am the blood hound

2nd Verse:

Yo, the underdog finally grew a pair
So he be charging with fangs to leave you fucking cowards stupid scared
I scream aloud “Come at me!” but who would dare
Help ‘em through the suicide doors? Nah, just use a chair
It’s next autumn and death blossoms it’s that awesome
the tech rockets so I’m causing them all to check cockpits
Make sure the pilot’s ok, first episode of
violence today, now we fight in the shade
yeah, We just spartans, keeping it three hunnid
as we see the golden arches and we screaming out we love it
and we so out of mind, yeah you out of time
Couldn’t even see success with a thousand lights that’s why we
Pick our battles like we picking cattle
Finding beef but we take heat like an egyptian camel
Yeah, I’m multiplying getting ultra violent,
This is war soldier you can do without the silence cut it
All gold bars wrapped in the finest leather
Kamikaze behaviour so we die together
This is your last will bitch, you should write a letter
I’m too hot for these bitches like I’m in China’s weather
This that new God flow, grab your ponchos
I’m raining all those who dare defy the head honcho
On some Shunjinko shit, finding all the kamidougus
Destroy them all and down the boss named Ahuizotl
Contain your nightmares, don’t let your dream catch ya
I’m mad about it so don’t get caught by the tecca
Or else you’ll need a bloodline when I bust five
Ciderdrunk in Saddle Arabia, why must I
Pander, to the masses how can this happen
laughing at these bastards on some wack shit
Fuck it, if I die today get me dug out
You can contain the beast but I am the bloodhound


released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


MrMehster Singapore, Singapore

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